Rotary of Marion, Illinois
Club Banner Collection
The Rotary Club of Marion has a fine display of Rotary Banners from various parts of the United States and foreign countries, including several from inter- national conventions. These banners signify that someone from the Marion Rotary Club has attended that club, or someone from that club has been a guest at the Marion club. Pictures at right is the display of 72 different banners owned by the club in 1973. Most of the banners have been lost over the years. An effort is being made to recover the banners and preserve them.
At left is a picture of the Marion Rotary Club Banner that is distributed by our Rotarians when they travel throughout the United States and the World. Some of the Rotary Clubs represented by the Banners owned by the Marion Rotary Club are: Staten Island, NY; East ElPaso, TX, Tokyo South; Lake City, SC; Metuchen, NJ; Paris, France; Westfield, NJ; Houston, TX; Madison, WI; West Phoenix, AZ; Mitchell, SD; 
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