Rotary Interact (Teenarian) Clubs
     Interact (formerly Teenarian) club is a Rotary- sponsored service club for young adults (both boys & girls) at the secondary school level, and was officially inaugurated on 28 October 1962. The program gives young people an opportunity to participate in fun, meaningful service projects while developing leadership skills and meeting new friends. Through service activities, Interactors learn the importance of (1) developing leadership skills and personal integrity; (2) demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others; and (3) advancing international understanding and goodwill. The Marion Rotary Club has always been active in working with the young people of Marion, especially thru the Interact (formerly Teenarian) Club. In 1933, Past President Clarence Cox formed the first

In 1955-1956, Rotarian William Bundy (left) was the sponsor. Officers were Fred Cagle President, Ray Fuller, Vice-President. & Larry Feurer, Secretary. Other members were J. C. Fly, Bob Arnold, Nathan Arnold, Larry Brown, Allan Burstein & Phil Norman.
Teenarian club and it has been active ever since. In this club, each high school boy is matched  with a Rotarian as his sponsor and the sponsor is suppose to indoctrinate the youth on his classification. Similar clubs flourished at Johnston City and in Herrin and a so-called "International convention" was held in Johnston City on March 29, 1951, with "delegates" from all three cities. The Teenarian club was renamed when the Interact Club was officially sanctioned by Rotary International in the early 1960's. At left is the 1955-1956 Teenarian Club. Members were Fred Cagle, Ray Fuller, John Mitchell, Larry Feurer, Jerry Staudacher, Jerry Travelstead, Larry Kuzela, Stephen Mitchell, Wendell Winters, John Shotton, Alan Kuhn, Bill Gray, Tony Armstrong, Gary Shaw, Danny Mayer, Frank DeMonsi, Bob Daniels, Bob Dawe, & Jim Reeves.