Rotary Club of Marion, IL
Picture page
The Rotary Club of Marion displayed various literature and pictures of their projects at the Illinois Centre Mall in the Spring of 2004. Shown at left is the display. The Marion Rotary Club won first place in the District 6510 contest at the annual convention in June, 2004 with this display. Elaine Melby was responsible for the hard work that went into assembling and displaying this beautiful display of the good deeds the Rotary Club does in the Marion area.
In the fall of 2003, the Rotary Club helped build the Habitat for Humanity house in Johnston City, IL. Shown here is Steve Lappin, the contractor assisting Habitat for Humanity, and the owner of the house. The Rotary Club members provide labor for many Habitat for Humanity projects in the Marion area.
The Rotary Club of Marion, IL broke ground on their 2005 Centennial project on May 23, 2004 at the site of the new Tilden & Rosalie Parks Outdoor Amphitheater project. Shown at left are Rotarians and their shovels preparing to break ground. We were fortunate to have Tilden and Rosalie Parks attend the ceremony in person. It was a warm and humid day but everyone enjoyed the activities.
The Centennial Project Committee met many times to make a decision on the type of project to build to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Rotary International in 2005. The committee met at President Melby's office early in the mornings (7:30am!) and was welcomed with coffee, soda and a smiling face. We all enjoyed these early morning meetings and feel the committee made a wise decision on the project.
Wayne Tate returned on July 19, 2004 from his triumphant 3,350 mile bicycle ride of the Lewis & Clark Trail to raise money for the Rotary Centennial Project. Wayne was honored by the Rotary Club of Marion for his efforts by awarding him the 2004 Rotarian of the Year Award on February 23, 2005, the 100th Anniversary of the Rotary Club. Wayne raised over $10,000 for the project through his efforts on the trail. Later in the day of his return, the club had an impromptu pizza party at the Marion High School for Tate, his family, and other Rotarians that shared this special day with Tate.
On May 2, 2004, District 6510 of the Rotary International had a "Family of Rotary" day at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, MO. The Cardinals played the Chicago Cubs in one of the first games of the season. It was a cold, wet day and later in the game, it started raining. Since the seats were not covered, many of our Rotarians either sought shelter lower than our "nosebleed level" seats or else left to go home since the Cardinals had a big lead. David & Elaine Melby along with Thomas Wimberly are shown here enjoying the game. 

A photo of the crowd at Busch Stadium is shown at the far right with an unidentified fan watching the game through binoculars.

The 2004-2005 Rotary of Marion, IL Board of Directors met on October 26, 2004 in the Conference Room of the new Banterra Bank building located at Marion-West. Left to right: Jim Pugh, Bill Nielsen, Elaine Melby, Thomas Wimberly, Steve Lappin, B. W. Bruce, James Doughty, Paul Roth, George Trammell, and Marjorie Wright. Steve provided the coffee and donuts for our early morning (7:30am) meeting.