2012 - 20133
Scott Phelps
Scott Phelps
Assistant Secretary 
Program Chairperson
(Revised 07/01/2012)
Rotary Club of Marion members are expected to host a program about once every 70 weeks. Their program can be on any subject except programs that are directed for outside fund-raising, political in nature, and religious programs are not acceptable.  The club posts a schedule and members are expected to provide information to the Rotascope Editor on their program guest two weeks prior to the date of their program. Below is the schedule for 2012-2013. A new schedule will be posted in July, 2013.
 July 2012
  5-David Pool
12-John Powers
19-Jim Pugh
26-Floyd Reed
August 2012
  2-District Governor
  9-James Richey
16-Paul Roth
23-John Sanders
30-Steve Shafer
September 2012
  6-Bill Shanks
13-Tiffanny Sievers
20-Lisa Smith
27-Clifton Storm
October 2012
  4-Dave Thompson
11-George Trammel
18-Gene Watson
25-Mark Whitehead
November 2012
  1-Kevin Wilson
  8-Thomas Wimberly
15-Brian Ziegler
29-Stephem Allen
December 2012
  6-Ray Altmix
13-Jim Bales
20-Tim Barnes
27-Family Fun Day
January 2013
  3-John Bradley
10-Kevin Bragree
17-Bo Broemmel
24-Harry Crisp II
31-Lee Crisp
February 2013
  7-Dutch Doelitzsch
14-Mark Feldhake
21-Jim Flynn
28-Brian Frerichs
March 2013
  7-Wayne Gerlock
14-Cindy Gibbons
21-Amanda Byassee-Gott
28-Ray Hancock
April 2013
 4-John Harland
11-Fred Harvey

18-Tom Hazlewood
25-Wade Hudgens
May 2013
  2-High School Awards
  9-PHF Dinner
16-Ken King
23-Paul Langan
30-Martha Laurie
June 2013
  6-Moshe Laurie
13-Randy Lewis
20-Kathy Lober
27-Ray Long