Rotary Club of Marion, IL
Sustaining Members
A Sustaining Member is a Rotarian who has signed an agreement to contribute $100 per year to the Rotary International Foundation until they have a credit of $1,000 in their account, at which time they become a Paul Harris Fellow. The Rotary Club of Marion, IL matches each Sustaining Member on a dollar- for-dollar basis. After five years, if a payment of $100 is made each year, the Foundation contributes $500 and the member becomes a Paul Harris Fellow.
Tim Barnes
Wayne Gerlock
Cindy Gibbons
Mary J. McCurdy
Elaine Melby
Bill Nielsen
James Parker
David Pool
Jim Pugh
Paul Roth
George Trammell
Kevin Wilson
Thomas Wimberly
Marjorie Wright
4th Year....
B. W. Bruce
James L. Doughty
Steven G. Lappin
Carl W. (Bill) Nielson
George Trammell
Marjorie Wright